Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's Arrived! Sephora Play! October 2016

My box was in the mail last night when I got home. 

Makes any day a little better to have a box of pretties at your door!

Full review to follow!

Ipsy October 2016

Ipsy subscriptions are $10 per month. 
 Each month you will receive a makeup bag in that month's theme
This month the theme is

This month's bag is a spooky cool bag designed by Valfre. 
I love the little ghost with heart eyes zipper pull?
tre'StiQue: Matte Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux    Value: $10 (approx.)
Yes, another wine colored lippie but this one is in stick form.
I've gotten quite a few products from this company in Ipsy bags.
(Website sells mini sets with 3 sample size products for $32.)
Lottie London: Perfectly Precise Eyeshadow Brush   Value:$14.51
This is a bruh company out of London.  Nice quality.
(Asos website pricing)
Ciaté London: Fierce Flicks Eyeliner     Value $19
Another black felt tip eyeliner. Next.
(Full size .05 oz. This looks full size!)
 theBalm Cosmetics: Hot Mama Blush    Value $2.62  (est)
Another Ipsy favorite brand. 
I love the pink-peach color.  Not sure about the shimmer in it though.
I really wish they increase their sample pot size though.
(full size .25 oz $21, sample size .02 oz)
 pūr~lisse: Daily Lip Nourisher    Value: $5 (est)
Another product from this brand this month. 
I've never tried their lip products.
Smells good & the little tube will be nice in my purse.
(Full size is $16 for .38 oz, sample is .16 oz.)
Total value: $51.13
Final verdict:  A full size brush, eyeliner, and lippie are great!  The lip protectant is a good size sample. The blush is pretty & pretty small.  Great value this month!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Boxycharm November Spoiler Released!

Boxy Charm boxes just started hitting mailboxes and already the first spoiler has been released for November.
This palette is the same brand and size that we received in the September box.
Retail price was $49.95

Look at those colors!

Are you excited yet?
Remember,  you must join November 1 or later to get the November box.
Join in October to get the October box.  

Sephora Play! October 2016

Finally, looks like boxes are starting to ship.  Spoilers are up at My Subscription Addiction.

It was getting pretty frustrating that the sneak peek email I received did not work and noting was updating on my Sephora account.  Ugh! Sephora, step it up!  I have had all of my other boxes and have started used the product days before I find out this box has shipped.  No tracking email?  No updates to my Play page?  If it had not been for the charge on the 4th stating I had ordered item 1850072  I was beginning to wonder if I was getting a bag this month at all.

Until today.  Today I have a shipment code listed on my Sephora account page.  Still no shipment email notifying me that my package has been sent.  No, just a link on my account.  And, when I click on that link, it says that the package is out for delivery!  **SQUEE**  It shipped on the 11th.

By the looks of the spoiler, it looks like I am going to like my box!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Boxycharm October 2016

Come one come all to the Boxy Baazar!

Who needs a little black dress when you get this little black box every month!
Starlooks:  Ultra Matte Lip Paint in Piquant    Value $11

This is a dark brown berry color.  I've had other Starlooks stains before and they perform well.
I am concerned the color may be dark for my complexion.  I am definitely sensing a theme with subscription box lip color this month.

T E M P T U: S/B Shimmer Bronzer    Value: $29.50
Ugh! No, no no!  Of the four options with which I was teased this is the one I wanted the least.
This is going in the give away pile.  Smells like chemicals and is not a product I will ever use.

Luxie Beauty: eye blender brush pack    Value $36
Luxie put together this 3 brush set specially for Boxy Charm from their rose gold brush collection.
Brushed included are the 205 & 229 tapered blending brushes and the 237 blending brush.
These feel great on my skin and I can't wait to use them with my....
IBY Beauty: Three's Company eye shadow trio    Value $19

These shades are very similar to last month's palette.
White and gold are shimmer shades while the brown is a matte.
Swatch picture is one swipe with the included foam applicator.
 I like the white and gold shades, but I am not sure they are different enough from other colors in my collection to keep around.
Briogeo: Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Cream    Value: $24
Oh my goodness the smell is heavenly! 
I loved another product from Briogeo, the leave in protectant, so I have high hopes for this product.
Total value: $119.50
Final verdict: I will not use the bronzer, and I find it an odd addition to a fall box.  Really wished I had gotten the Cargo blush, but one bad item does not ruin a box.  The brushes and lip product are nice items I will use.  The eye shadow is a strong maybe. I'm most excited with the hair cream.
This box was not as strong as boxes in the past few months, but still worth the investment.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Beauty Box 5 October 2016

I was so happy to see this little teal box in my mailbox today!

This month's theme is boss babe coming through.
Wonder what is in the box?

This month's product card.

Emery + Ivory: custom nail appliques    Value $12.99

These are nice colors.  I'm more of a nail polish person, but I may give these a go.

Amlactin: ULTRA Hydrating Body Cream    Value $2.99
A girl can never go wrong with unscented lotion. 
This promises to be a deeply hydrating and mildly exfoliating lotion.
 Chella: Ivory Lace Highlighting Pencil    Value $18

I got one of theses in an Ipsy bag a year or so ago. 
I use it in the inner corners of my eyes for a pop but there are tons of ways to use it.
From the website: Hello Ivory: This fresh and pretty neutral Highlighter pencil will brighten and visibly lift your eyes when lightly applied on the brow bone and dark circles. It can conceal blemishes and spots on light skin tones.  In addition, this multi-purpose pencil can be used to “open” the eye area by applying to the water line and inner corners of the eye. Perfect for highlighting a beautiful smile and preventing lipstick spread by applying to the Cupid 's bow and along the lip line. So many uses in just one perfect pencil! Formulated for LIGHT toned skin. Beautiful!

Color Me: Femme Gold perfume sample    Value $10 (for full size)
Kind of disappointed to see a perfume sample in the box.  Sephora
Play uses these as an extra, so that I how I am conditioned to see them.
On the bright side, the perfume smells great.  It is promised to be long lasting; they have a 6 hour scent guarantee printed on the packaging.

Real Her: moisturizing lipstick    Value $18

I received the color I Am Powerful which is a dark wine color.
This shade is a little dark for my taste, but it is comfortable on my lips and so far seems to wear well.

Total value: $51.98 + a perfume sample.
Final Verdict: Four full size items were in the box this month as well as the perfume sample.
This month's box is a great value for the $12 I spent on it.

Beauty Box 5 September 2016

I stumbled upon BB5 eleven months ago and I think it proves the best things can come in small boxes! I don't know why I don't hear more about this box as it includes some pretty impressive items.

So, let's take a look at this month's box!

The product card with this month's theme: favorite products.

Be A Bombshell: Smooth Criminal Finishing Powder  Value $7
This is a full size product. 
I have never used any of their products and this appears to be good quality.

Go Smile: Teeth whitening gel   Value $29 (for full size)
From the product card, you are to add equal parts Go Smile with your favorite toothpaste and brush as normal.
 Simple Skincare: simple cleansing facial wipes  Value $5.99 (for full size)
Pur-lisse: Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer  Value $55 (for full size)
The wipes are a deluxe sample with 7 wipes included. 
So far I am pleased with the scent and the performance.
Pur-lisse seems to be a brand I get often in my subscription boxes.
I am on the hunt of a good moisturizer, so this intrigues me.
Happy Brands: happy hair turban   Value $18
Doing a happy dance! 
I loved the Happy makeup removing cloth BB5 sent in a box several months ago. 
This hair turban is made of the same material that has worn well in my cloth.  It is sewn with a large hood and the back end is a smaller fold .there is an elastic loop on the hood to hold the bottom of the turban in place.
I love this as much as I thought I would.  It dries my hair much faster than a  normal towel. This has become my daily use hair drying towel.
Final verdict:
BB5 has done it again!