Saturday, October 15, 2016

Boxy Charm September 2016

                                              Time to open my very first Boxy Charm!
 Boxy Charm is a subscription box that sends you 5-6 full size and deluxe samples every month for $21.
Inside the box is a product listing with product information, boxy tips, & product value.
Project Beauty Hairgurt     Value $11
Hikari Cosmetics Eyeliner  Black   Value $13
A strawberry yogurt smoothie for your hair.  This has a nice mild strawberry scent.
The Hikari liner is another twistable black liner.  I threw this in the gift pile since I received another black liner I like a littler better.
Studio Makeup "On-the-Go" palette   Value $49.95
Brush swatches from light to dark  Brushed across the color and swiped twice for each shade.
Just from the brush swipes it looks like a nice neutral mostly matte palette.  Color payoff is not as strong as my Naked palettes, but should be fine for everyday wear.
PUR Cosmetics Lip Lure lip lacquer   Value $22
Single swipe on hand.
This wears nice, but is not a long, lasting liquid lipstick.  It does last several hors, but needs re-applied during the day.
butter London Trend Nail Lacquer  Value $15
Pretty beige shade that says hello fall!
Over all I am pleased with my first Boxy Charm.  I can't wait until my next month's box!

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